Saturday, 4 October 2014

Review: Moodoïd - Le Monde Möö

I've been looking forward to the realease of Moodoïd's debut album Le Monde Möö for a while, since
I first heard their Je Suis la Montagne single last year, and it's with some pleasure that I can report it's lived up to expectations.

Psychedelic? Of course. And with  patchoiuli scent of progressive rock somewhere in the mix, but Moodoïd aren't just trying to recreate an interesting musical cul de sac from decades past.

Instead they take one of music's more experimental and fertile times as their starting ground and apply the open-minded musical attitudes of that scene to create something very much their own.

It's a rich and heady brew, and the kind of release that will inevitably reward repeated listening.

 There's a pop base  - it's not a heavy trip or a pastoral meander - but more the sound of a classic pop band pushing the boundaries and seeing where it takes them.

The world of Moodoïd certainly is an interesting place, inhabited by strange and colourful creatures and unfamiliar landscapes.

Well worth a visit.

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