Friday, 24 October 2014

Murat: J'ai fréquenté la beauté

I missed covering the release of the video for the song J'ai fréquenté la beauté  by Murat when it
came out last month, so time to put this right with the release of the album that it featured on.

The song comes from his album Babel, which sees the singer woking with French band The Delano Orchestra, a group who specialise in a folk-flavoured sound .

It follows Murat's 2013 Toboggan album.

The Delano Orchestra come from the same area of France as Murat, their shared musical heritage and love of their locality shining through in the video.

I've always loved Murat's voice and his new release sees it in as fine form as ever. It's a double album, and I'm looking forward to giving it a listen some time in the next couple of weeks.

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