Wednesday, 1 October 2014

NLF3: Oui Love Exchange tour

Another look at the Oui Love Exchange tour, which got under way at the end of last month and
comes to Edinburgh tomorrow on Thursday October 2.

The shows features Andrea Balency and NLF3, two quite different but strikingly cutting edge acts.

I mentioned Andrea Balency previously on the blog, so I thought it only fair to give a mention to co-headliners NLF3.

They're a a rock band, but one that goes beyond any regular categories and venture into a territory more associated with contemporary electro acts.

They've been active since 2000, their debut album Part 1 - Part 2 coming out that year. The band consists of brothers Nicolas and Fabrice Laureau and since 2006 drummer Mitch Pirès.

Along with their albums, they've also performed live scores for silent films, their Music For Que Viva Mexico! album collecting their musical backing for the Sergei Eisenstein classic.

There are more details about the Oui Love Exchange tour on their Facebook page 

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