Thursday, 9 October 2014

Mission Control: The Rising

A new video for singer David Hallyday, a comeback of sorts with the track The Rising by his band Mission Control.

Hallyday's last solo album was his  Un nouveau monde collection from four years ago. He's had a long career since his 1988 album True Cool. He's also pursued his interest in motor racing.

David Hallyday is of course the son of Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan, and while that heritage no doubt opened a few doors for him over the years, being the family of a superstar is no guarantee of success - and maintaining a career over several decades makes a strong case that David Hallyday has talent very much his own.

But this new release sees the family name taken down and a new brand - and a new band - on the front.

The new release features Hallyday as part of a band - Mission Control - that also features Olivier Frèche, Fabrice Ach et Alexis Hadefi.

The track  has a more modern sound than you would perhaps expect from Hallyday, with a strong electro feel to it. Mission Control will no doubt appeal to a lot of people who probably wouldn't even have considered listening to David Hallyday's solo work.

The video was directed by David Tomaszewski, a French director who has worked with the likes of rapper  Orelsan as well as the hip hop duo Casseurs Flowters that features Orelsan.

The song comes from the forthcoming album, entitled Alive, which is due to be released on Novermber 10.

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