Friday, 13 March 2015

Bernard Szajner: Convergence festival

One of those days when it would be handy to live in London, as French electronics legend Bernard Szajner takes to the stage for a questions and answers session as part of the Convergence festival.

He's appearing alongside the equally pioneering David Vorhaus, whose releases under the White Noise name from the late 1960s onwards marked a significant moment in the  development of electronic music in the UK.

Vorhaus 's first album as White Noise, An Electric Storm, was a hugely influential work in showcasing the possibilities of electronic music.

Szajner through his career has released several powerful collections of music, as well as developed instruments including the iconic laser harp.

Szajner's Visions of Dune album, which originally came out in 1979, was re-issued last year to the kind of acclaim that eluded it when it originally came out.

A new collection or remixed and new material Rethinking Z has just come out.

With a bit of luck the renewed interest in Szajner's work will see some of his other work re-surfacing, albums like the harrowing Some deaths take forever and Superficial Music - a collection that re-processed some of the tapes used in Visions of Dune  - certainly bear investigation.

Szajner's always been an interesting artist whose work has never failed to raise questions. Hopefully he'll have  a few answers as well.

The event  is being held at Rough Trade East in London

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