Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Jean Michel Jarre and M83: Glory - EMIC: An Interstellar Time Capsule Film soundtrack

Some new material has surfaced from French synth legend Jean Michel Jarre, with the track Glory, an excerpt from his forthcoming album, used as a soundtrack for a movie put together by Google Play.

The film is entitled EMIC: An Interstellar Time Capsule Film and is a short film intended to capture life on earth in a time-capsule format, to benefit future generations should they eventually leave the planet, tying in with the recent science fiction epic Interstellar.

The film says it "Weaves submissions from people around the world into a story celebrating the human experience on Earth."

The short film was curated by Interstellar director Christopher Nolan.

Jarre's last release was the  Essentials & Rarities collection from 2011. Prior to that a re-recording of Oxygène marking the landmark album's 30ht anniversary was his last studio album. His most recent album of new material was 2007's Téo & Téa, a top ten release in France.

Jarre says the new track is a collaboration with M83. More details, and more material,  will certainly emerge before too long.

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