Monday, 16 March 2015

Vive le Roq @ 5: Five most popular posts

Given that we're marking our fifth anniversary, I'll have a brief series of five articles marking the
historic anniversary on our site this week.

I thought I'd start with a look at our five most popular posts over that five-year period might be worthwhile.

Tal - Le Sens de la Vie

Sexion D'assaut - Avant qu'elle parte

Martin Solveig - Ready 2 Go

Commercial break: David Guetta

Johnny Hallyday: Ten great French versions of English songs

I think it reflects the popularity of some of France's biggest stars, and it's no surprise that the next five of the top ten of all time includes  Mylène Farmer, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Vanessa Paradis and 1995, as well as more Johnny Hallyday.

The fact that Sexion d'assaut and 1995 are in the list is significant, given that rap is massively popular in France, and while often critically overlooked it remains as valid a means of musical expression as indie, electro or chanson, while these might be areas more commonly associated with French music.

Recent months have shown that there's a huge interest in many of France's new acts, with posts about the likes of Panthère, The Same old Band, Aline and A Thousand Candles all attracting significant traffic.

We'll be looking much more at some of France's developing acts in the future, but we won't be overlooking some of the others who have made the French music scene the fascinating area that it has become.

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