Thursday, 26 March 2015

Petition: Help La Malterie in Lille

An issue raised on the French Music Podcast's facebook page that certainly merits a share on this blog.

The loss of venues is a significant threat to the development and health of any music scene, and if a petition can help ensure the future of La Malterie in Lille, I'm in favour of it and reckon it merits wider support.

Here's what was posted:

Earlier this evening we were contacted by Pascal Descamps regarding a culturally significant venue in Lille, which is apparently on the verge of closure. Why is it important? We shall let Pascal explain...


A great place in Lille is near to closure. This is a venue with artists studios, residency programs, gigs, exhibitions and much more. Some bands (which have appeared on your radio show) have played gigs here. The Forest Sessions (who have appeared many times on the show) have rehearsed too. This cultural venue needs a little help.

In this petition, we ask local politicians from Lille and the north of France to help save this cultural establishment.

Best regards,


We ask fans of French music (and culture) to sign this petition in order to help Pascal and friends to safeguard the future of this artistic space.

Thank you, 


The link for the petition is here

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