Thursday, 5 March 2015

Bernard Szajner: Rethinking Z

Last year's saw the reissue of  Bernard Szajner's Visions of Dune album from 1979 , which has  been
followed by the appearance of some new material from the French electronic pioneer, in the form of a new mini album of remixes and fresh material.

Szajner's album, originally issued under the name Zed, came out on  InFiné last year. The label now issued the Rethinking Z collection, which sees tracks from Visions of Dune re-interpreted by other artists.

The label says "InFiné thought it was time to let a newer generation create their interpretations of Visions  of Dune."

"Rethinking Z is a projection of those visions in 2015,reworked by a new breed of IDM, Ambient & Experimental artists. "

There are  two new collaborations that feature Szajner, one with Etienne Jaumet and another with Almeeva. There is also a new track from Szajner himself, entitled 1oopsyloopsylotsylots.

Szajner has had a long career as an artist an an innovative musician, and it's great to see his work getting the attention that it deserves.

I covered the return of the Visions of Duna album here on the Vive le Roq blog.

Meanwhile, there's a rare appearance by Bernard Szajner in London as part of the Convergence Festival.

He's appearing at a question and answer session alongside the equally pioneering David Vorhaus, whose White Noise releases in the late 1960s and 1970s were key releases in the development of electronic music.

The event  is being held at Rough Trade East in London on March 13.

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