Monday, 9 March 2015

Commercial break: Air France #franceisinthe air

A new commercial for Air France, going some way to re-imagine flying, or as the airline puts it "Discover the French way of traveling."

As a branding campaign it's pretty successful, playing with clichés about France and re-imagining the experience of flying.

It's directed by award-winning French creatives We are from L.A. , the team who have previosuly made music videos for Kanye West (Power)  and Pharrell Williams (Happy), as well as advertising campaigns for Evian and MTV.

The music is by Glass Candy, with the song Warm in the winter.

It would of course have been nice to have a French act provide the music, but Air France have been pretty good with Air France Music  and recent in flight playlists featuring Moodoid and Chapelier Fou.

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