Thursday, 19 March 2015

Eurovision 2015: Lisa Angell - N'Oubliez Pas

The video has been unveiled for this year's French entry in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The annual event is, for many, the only time in the year a UK audience gets to hear artists from outside the anglophone sphere.

Lisa Angell is representing France this year, with the song N'Oubliez Pas.

The song was written by Robert Goldman, the brother of Jean-Jacques Goldman, one of the most successful names in French songwriting in recent decades.

It's a more traditional song that last year's entry, Twin Twin with the song La moustache. That novelty song didn't perform well for France, while the previous year's power ballad L'enfer et moi by Amandine Bourgeois equally failed to leave much of an impression on voters.

France is one of the countries that automatically goes straight into the  for the final contest without having to participate in qualifying rounds.

This year's Eurovision Song Contest is held on May 23, and comes from Vienna in Austria.

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