Monday, 16 March 2015

Vive le roq: We are five

If five tears is a long time in the internet. It's actually also a long time in reality too.

Those five years have seen the rise of Daft Punk, going from 'dance act' to world conquering icons, seen Stromae conquer Europe, and David Guetta dominate the world's dance floors.

French music icons Johnny Hallyday and Mylène Farmer have gone on to become if anything bigger stars, still producing music their fans love, still filling massive venues, still to the bewilderment of much of the anglo saxon audience.

Other acts have risen from relative obscurity to international success, such as M83, and others who look set to reach that level, like Christine and the Queens.

We've moved on significantly in those five years, we now cover more music every month than we did in the first year. We managed only 24 posts in the whole of 2010. We managed  46 last month, this month it will probably be more.

Over the last five years I've heard some incredible music by acts I might not otherwise have heard, been at some magnificant shows, and had the opportunity to attend the Transmusicales de Rennes festival twice.

But most significantly  I've had support ad encouragement from some fine people along the way.
So thanks, and here's to the next five years.


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