Friday, 6 March 2015

New Acts: Daven Keller - Slogan

A stylish video for the track Slogan by Daven Keller.

The track comes from his forthcoming album Reaction C, which is due to be released on April 13.

Keller, a true indie act, not only performed the music, but also directed the video.

His previous releases include Reaction A from 2008, and Reaction B from 2012, and his work ranges from classy indie pop lilke to Désormais Solaire to the pieces on Reaction B that lean  more towards modern classical.

He's also worked on film soundtracks, including 2011's Je suis un no man's land.

With a voice not a million miles from a young Jean-Louis Murat and a musical vision as broad as Yann Tiersen, he's an artist worth investigating.

If you like what you hear, there's more on his soundcloud site 

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