Saturday, 14 March 2015

Review: Fat Supper - Academic sausage

Fat Supper were an act I came across at the Transmusicales in Rennes in 2013, around the time of the release of their Flat Slupper ep.

Perhaps a Scottish writer might be expected to give a band with a name like that the benefit of the doubt, but the quality of their material made it clear they were no lightweight snack and they had cooked up something tasty indeed.

So after the appetizer of the EP, and their 2013 debut CD, we move on to the main course of their Academic Sausage album.

Ten tracks by the Rennes-based act, and it's packed with goodness.

If there's a flavour of art about it, from the cover to the titles you get a feeling that they don't take things too seriously. 

But there's  a special sauce served with every portion, infused with post rock and a generous portion of musicality.

It's a rich dish, but it goes down easily and the service is a pleasure.

Fat Supper? Double portion please. With chips.

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